BitBang is a data consulting company specialising in customer-centricity
and digital transformation.

Leveraging a cutting-edge technological partnership ecosystem, we support clients end-to-end, and transform data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Our innovation-oriented services, powered by a diverse team of over 150 professionals, empower companies across different industries to enact data-driven decisions capable of improving customer satisfaction and revenue streams.

We’re data-obsessed
so that you can be

Working across Europe with companies of all sizes and industries since 2003, we constantly push boundaries for our clients, taking them to the very limits of what data can achieve and wringing out every possible drop of insight it offers.

Most recently we have put our experience in extracting value from Big Data at the fingertips of moanufacturers, applying to Industry 4.0 what we have learnt in Digital Marketing.

Our Mission - BitBang

Empowering business transformation and data-driven decision making through data strategy, data execution and insights delivery practices at scale.

How we work - BitBang

We walk with you along the entire path.
From strategic planning to implementation details to activation of insights and training of your staff:
We empower you at every step towards your success.

Our values - BitBang

Our clients success is our ultimate goal.

Andrea Misso - BitBang

Andrea Misso

President & Founder

Giovanni Lorenzoni - BitBang

Giovanni Lorenzoni

CEO & Founder

Marco Mandrioli - BitBang

Marco Mandrioli

Acquisition Manager

Andrea De Marco - BitBang

Andrea De Marco

Chief Technology Officer

Barbara Mancini - BitBang

Barbara Mancini

Head of Operations

Andrea Mazzoni - BitBang

Andrea Mazzoni

Chief Data Officer