Leroy Merlin puts its Customer Obsessed strategy into practice by leveraging innovative technologies that better respond to customers’ needs and keep them close to the brand, thus minimizing churn.

Leroy Merlin has been able to identify a pain point that is strongly felt by e-commerce channel users, by consistently and attentively listening to customers through Customer Experience tools and Voice of the Customer initiatives.

The Brand’s solution went well beyond digital channels, and its data-driven approach made it possible to verify the positive effects both on users’ behaviors and their perception of Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin is part of the Adeo Group, a leader in the specialized DIY retail sector. It is present in 14 regions across Italy and serves more than 28 million customers.

Leroy Merlin listens to its customers and builds on their feedback to create its differentiated and personalized offerings. It facilitates and makes the online and in-store shopping experience unique for all home projects.

Within the group, Leroy Merlin is committed to sharing best practices, under the motto of “Build the common, empower the local.”

Find, Grow, Keep

Among the three pillars of Leroy Merlin’s marketing activities, retention or Keep is the most relevant and also the most complex. In an effort to meet this challenge head on, the company has enlisted BitBang’s support. BitBang places customer centricity at the cornerstone of its activities and provides its clients with specialized and diversified skills — from strategy to data collection and analysis from various sources. This allows Leroy Merlin to obtain fast, effective and comprehensive insights.

The checkout and delivery phase of Leroy Merlin’s e-commerce channel is highly dynamic and adapts to each individual user based on a multitude of parameters. This makes it particularly challenging to identify areas for improvement that can then have a satisfactory business impact.

Thanks to the integrated analysis of Voice of the Customer insights collected by Qualtrics and Customer Experience insights generated by Contentsquare, Leroy Merlin has been able to identify a particular pain point that affects e-commerce users — the unavailability of home delivery in cases where certain order items are not available at the customer’s primary store.

The combination of data from the two tools and the two customer listening methods — measuring Customer Experience on the website and detecting the Voice of the Customer through surveys — has made it possible to assess not only the number of shopping carts abandoned for this reason, but also numerous cases in which the consumer gave up the purchase of some products, in order to keep the home delivery option while completing the order.

The availability of accurate and timely data made it possible for the Digital Experience Team to highlight the need for a review of the store management system in relation to home delivery, by involving the departments responsible for supply chain and warehouse management.

Once the logistics and process solution was implemented to expand the availability of home delivery, it was easy to demonstrate the positive impact of the customer centric approach.

  • Purchase sessions that previously showed many cart review iterations became much more straightforward.
  • The shift from delivery to payment increased by 15%.
  • Shopping cart abandonments dropped by 9%.
  • The main source of user frustration disappeared from VoC’s top 5 survey results.
  • The NPS score significantly increased — in part due to other customer care activities carried out by the brand organically.

Leroy Merlin continues to invest in listening to its customers and making the most of the suggestions that emerge from this continuous monitoring. This allows the Brand to gather opportunities for improvement that even the most satisfied users never fail to suggest.

+15% shift from Delivery to Payment

A much more streamlined experience.

-9% Shopping Cart Abandonments

Not to mention cases where users no longer had to remove items to get home delivery.

Rapid disappearance

Of the main source of user frustration from the top 5 survey results.

Growth in the NPS Score

Thanks to the synergy between customer care activities.

Rossella Teti

We have identified very precise cross-source insights that have allowed us to improve the Customer Experience, all the while focusing on the Brand’s Keep pillar and increasing customer retention.

Rossella Teti

Digital Experience Manager, Leroy Merlin