Our client for this project was a global food and beverage retailer. Whilst a major leader in the Italian market, the client has operations worldwide, with several regional offices.

Whilst the retailer had plenty of data to work with, they found it was siloed across different functions and operations because of the size of their business. They wanted to create a data-driven culture within the organization; to do this they needed to manage their data more effectively.

We implemented a BI platform that could integrate data from worldwide sources to provide a single source of truth and enable advanced analytics. This included:

● The creation of a single dashboard with different cards that displayed specific data to users in real time
● The construction of a KPI framework for the website and social media platforms
● Designing, developing and tracking 40 regional websites and optimizing them for data capture and analytics
Providing SEO support and high-level reports across all digital touchpoints

One of the major improvements the retailer noticed was increased visibility into operations from an executive-level point of view. The dashboard we created provided a single source of truth, with customizable KPIs to provide insight into different areas.

Another major benefit has been the level of personalization the BI platform allows. Whilst the platform has one single dashboard, this can be customized to the needs of each user. For example, they can set up the most relevant data streams by country or expertise, or provide access to customized training and welcome kits for new users too.

  • Quick View Creation
  • User & Country Onboarding
  • High Personalisation