Data Engineering services make sure that your data-driven decisions are built on reliable, up-to-date, high quality data – modelled and managed according to the planned use cases and the overall strategies.

We leverage a wide array of visual and easy-to-use tools, so that your team can be be most autonomous in carrying on day-by-day operations.

Data Integration & Unification - BitBang

We integrate your data from disparate sources, link them by common factors and make them available through a centralised cloud repository. This overcomes the problem of data silos and creates a repository which optimises usability and actionability.

Data Prep, ETL, ELT - BitBang

To manage data constantly flowing in from different sources, we build automated pipelines: a fundamental step for a future-proof data repository.

A solid data preparation enables a wide array of use cases based on data - such as machine learning, modern BI and advanced analysis.

Data Modeling - BitBang

Designing data models allows data coming from different sources and gathered according to different logic to become comparable and coherent, effectively incrementing the level of depth and breadth that your analysis can safely reach, and allowing data to work as an effective building block to fulfil your strategy.

Data Quality - BitBang

If you can’t rely on the information being processed, you’ll struggle to confidently carry out all downstream business processes.

Our data quality services use visual tools, automation, alerts, reporting on unexpected events and isolation of non-compliant data to improve the quality of your data and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Data Platform Engineering - BitBang

Data platforms help managing end-to-end data pipelines from ingestion, processing, transformation and modelling of data to analysis and visualisation.

We will enable you to select and customise the right platform to satisfy your particular business and security requirements and to integrate the platform efficiently into your existing infrastructure.