Monitoring eCommerce performance worldwide to identify both successes and major improvement areas, including product popularity in a given market, which channels generate the most revenue and which market performs best. These metrics are needed for strategic decision-making as well as making sure everything is running smoothly from an operational perspective.

To reach this goal, we first automate data collection from all eCommerce sources, designing a process that validates data accuracy along the way. We use this data to create easy-to-follow dashboards for all relevant employees and implement automatic alerts to monitor payment methods and stock status.

As a result of the dashboards we create, all relevant teams can access instant worldwide business insights in real-time.

This increases efficiency across the business, with payment and stock issues detected immediately and rectified swiftly.

It also makes it easier to measure the success of a campaign across all channels, so that the decision making process is quicker and more data-driven.

Instant insights - BitBang

Instant insights

Real-time operational awareness - BitBang

Real-time operational awareness