What was the challenge?

Facile.it needed visibility over both marketing campaign data and key business data – and wanted to integrate the two to make more profitable data-based business decisions. The company had a lot of data to work with, but this was dispersed across different sources and forms.

We designed a unified data structure and developed a platform that captures, manages, and processes customer and sales data gathered across the business, using Google Cloud tools to provide predictive analytics. This involved:

● Implementing pipelines
● Designing real-time reports and user-friendly dashboards for access to single customer views
● Using machine learning to identify customer groups with similar behaviors, to make targeted campaigns more accurate.

The Facile.it team was thrilled with the potential our solutions offered for their marketing activities. With our support, Facile.it realized move towards strategic, data-driven decision making processes, thanks to better data quality, visualization and access. As well as this, better identification of similar-behavior groups allowed for more effective campaign targeting.

As a result, they experienced a boost in conversions in each different business unit, across all marketing platforms and reduced ad spend, thanks to understanding their customer needs better.

  • Integrated Vision
  • Personalised Experiences
  • Boost in Conversions
  • Drop in Ad Costs

Our employees have so much more control and confidence in the decisions they make. Thanks to BitBang’s in-depth knowledge of the Google Tools, we have been able to interconnect systems and visualize the relevant data as and when we want. We can now make real data-driven decisions for our business.

IT R&D Manager

Facile.it SpA