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29 September 2020

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The development and employment of CDP’s is on a rise across many industries worldwide. A marketers desire for a single customer view has been around for years, but is it now finally within reach? Is now the time you should consider investing in one?

In this short session, we are joined by David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute, to help us understand how CDPs are becoming the go-to solution for many businesses to overcome the challenges that have troubled marketers for years; from creating a consistent data pipeline, to unifying customer data, integrating it with offline data
and gaining valuable insights within a matter of minutes.

As the CDP world is blossoming and the demand escalates, it becomes increasingly more difficult to understand what the best solution is for your business. This session is aimed to help you Privacy – Terms understand what a CDP is, the types of CDPs available and why organizations are starting to employ them so that they can thrive in the year ahead.

Join our CEO, Giovanni Lorenzoni and our guest speaker David Raab founder of the CDP Institute to discuss why CDPs are enabling businesses to finally put data at the forefront of business decisions.

*Alongside being the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, David Raab is a marketing technology expert, independent consultant and author of thousands of articles on the subject of martech and analytics.