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13 June 2023

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09:00 - 17:00

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CDO 2023 is a hub for more than 40 Data Leaders to meet for a value-based Data Driven Strategy.

Data Leaders are challenged to increasingly develop, share and integrate a Data & Customer Centric Strategy to extract value from data and drive business growth.  The last 3 years have changed the landscape in which all Data Leaders have to work: technology and analytical skills must be embedded in a process reorganisation. This is only possible with corporate change management, because it all starts with the people.

  • Is your company really driven by properly integrated data?
  • Are you really ready to redesign your business processes to be a Data Driven company?
  • Are you able to effectively combine people, processes and technology?

Our CDO, Andrea Mazzoni, will be presenting at 15:05: Data Products & Data Contracts.

About the talk.

Our CDO, Andrea Mazzoni, will be addressing the new paradigms for data management. Fabric and Mesh, in particular, push us to treat information as products. To ensure the interoperability of these Data Products, a formal agreement is needed between those who produce and those who consume them. A Data Contract allows this agreement to be represented, increasing trust, collaboration, culture and data governance within organisations.

Andrea Mazzoni

Andrea Mazzoni