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24 May 2022

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09:00 – 14:00

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Italian / English

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An event dedicated to companies and enterprises that want to enhance the quality of data through the discovery of potential and best practices in the use of the best CDP for marketing.

The world of data-driven marketing is extremely complex and changing. Customers interact with companies in new ways and through different channels, they have higher expectations and are willing to trust only those companies able to provide them with a personalized and valuable customer experience, attentive in real time to their needs and requirements.

In the era of big data and AI algorithms, CDPs have proven to be the most effective and efficient technological tool for the collection, aggregation and immediate use of information and data relating to customers and users. The only system capable of creating a complete, integrated and easily accessible database to easily track and manage interactions with your target audience at all times.

David Raab

David Raab

CDP Institute


Giovanni Lorenzoni

Giovanni Lorenzoni



Andrea Bedeschi

Andrea Bedeschi


Head of Customer Intelligence & Activation

Complete and centralized customer view

Dynamic updating of customer profiles

Improved ROI and savings on analysis costs

Accessibility and integration with external systems

Ease of use and independence from IT or vendors

Personalization of the customer experience

David M. Raab is founder and CEO of the Customer Data PlatformInstitute, the U.S.-based institute that works in an unbiased way to helpcompanies and organizations around the world manage customer datathrough the use of the most advanced Customer Data Platform systems.

A longtime MarTech analyst and consultant, he was the first to coin theterm Customer Data Platform in 2013. He published the first industryreport on the topic and developed the CDP concept in numerous writingsand presentations.

Prior to his consulting career, Raab held senior marketing positions inpublishing and B2C marketing. He is the author of hundreds of articles onmarketing technologies and the Marketing Performance MeasurementToolkit. A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Business School,he is a regular speaker and trainer at CDP events around the world.