30 - 07 - 2023

In July 2023 BitBang celebrated 20 years in business. When BitBang was founded, as a spin-off from the University of Bologna, both Facebook and Gmail did not yet exist. Only some people chose to be connected to others with the use of mobile phones.

In 2003, in Italy, “digital” mean having a website. The goal for every company was simply to have a website that was attractive, modern, and functional. Monitoring one’s website traffic was a plus for the most attentive companies and often served primarily to measure their performance. Data was something for statisticians — not for computer scientists.

BitBang’s founders had a different vision: that data and the algorithms that process it would soon be at the heart of the business.

In 2024, just over 20 years later, statistics and computer science have become so close that the field of Data Science was born. The data generated by digital technologies have revolutionized the way we conduct virtually every business activity. These data have given rise to the concept of Big Data. They are called the “new oil”, as they are the hidden wealth of every company. The enormous amount of data produced by humans from the Web 2.0 onwards, is the asset that has enabled ChatGPT to be trained.

BitBang has grown alongside data over these twenty years.

Starting from that initial vision, we have expanded into areas where our clients needed the most help. We added services ranging from SEO, Digital Analytics, Digital Advertising, A/B testing to Conversion Rate Optimization. Customer Experience has added qualitative dimensions to Digital Analytics and Modern BI is the key to making the vast amount of data collected by every company and every digital marketing department usable. Knowledge, however, is nothing without action, and data-driven action can only be customer-centric. This has given rise to specializations in Customer Data Activation and cross-channel campaigns. At the same time, data processing is becoming increasingly refined. This has led BitBang to dedicate a team entirely to Big Data, which has since evolved into a series of teams dedicated to Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Preparation, Data Architecture, and Data Governance.

Every problem solved, every tailored solution, every innovation adopted, every analysis, and every KPI have led us to become the BitBang we are today — an independent, highly innovative boutique specializing in data.

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In these 20 years we have grown alongside our clients — companies large and small, famous and niche, Italian and multinational.

We have grown alongside our partners in order to form a cutting-edge ecosystem that allows us to provide our customers with the most interesting innovations and to choose the most suitable tools each time. This allows companies to consistently achieve their data-driven objectives.

We have grown thanks to the many talented people who have chosen to become BitBangers — often right after college.

In the end, we are not so concerned about how much we have grown as a company.

We care about the technological innovations that await us, the moments in which we had to relearn everything from scratch, and the different kinds of solutions we will design, build, and implement in the next 20 years (at least) — with you!