17 - 12 - 2021

It’s the second year we have been in contact with Ageop (l’Associazione Genitori Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica) to create corporate gifts of which the money will go to those children suffering from cancer and their families. Silvia Terzi, our Director or Operations discussed with Ageop to express why we have selected this as a Christmas Gift for the second year running and how it was received by all employees.

Coproate Social Responsibility

Has Corporate Social Responsibility always been a feature of your company or is it a new strategy you have chosen to pursue?

It is a relatively new activity for us. The decision to do the Christmas hampers with Ageop Ricerca was dictated by the fact that many of BitBang’s employees are young people with children, and I think it’s important to bring them closer to a company like Ageop, which helps families who have to face such a difficult care process on a daily basis.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to get to know you personally, because when I got married and for my daughters’ christenings I chose to make the favours with you. Knowing that I could dedicate a gift to my guests, which could also be a thought for many young patients, made the occasion even more special. This is why I thought of you when we chose to add value to our corporate gifts.

Does supporting an organisation that is committed to social work have added value for the company?

A company that chooses to devote itself to social issues and is sensitive to them has, in addition to enormous human gratification, a great return on its image, which obviously has its importance. Most large companies already do this and I believe it is an essential activity for companies that want to grow. There may be areas on which a particular company prefers to focus, due to interest or direct experience, or because of affinity with the subject matter of the company itself: we are happy to have chosen Ageop.

How was the gesture acknowledged by the BitBang team?

There was so much enthusiasm and appreciation by colleagues last year, which is one of the reasons why we decided to proceed again with this gift this coming Christmas.

Although there are almost 130 of us, I know all my colleagues personally, and I know them to be very generous and empathetic people. It’s impossible to imagine what the parents are going through in this difficult time. We thank you for everything you do, because you are close to all these families, even on a psychological level.

About AGEOP.

Ageop is the result of the concrete experience of people who have gone through paediatric oncology and who have decided to stay on to put their experience at the service of those who would come after. To ensure that the conditions of those who arrive are better than those who have just passed through. We share personal experiences to transform them and generate resources for all. We support public health care, but we do not receive public contributions; that is why we are committed to giving back to the territory what the territory itself entrusts to us for the care of children suffering from cancer. We feel a responsibility to manage our resources in the best possible way, first and foremost towards the parents and children we care for. The trust we receive is a source of pride but also a great sense of responsibility, towards our young patients and their parents, and towards our donors. We would like to thank BitBang for choosing to entrust us with the resources allocated to corporate gifts and we are happy to be walking on the same path.

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