08 - 11 - 2023

BitBang, a Data & AI consultancy with two decades of experience, today announces its partnership with Clearbox AI, the Italian tech startup empowering companies to undertake AI and Analytics projects through the generation of Synthetic Data.

The melding of Clearbox AI’s innovative proposition with BitBang’s highly specialized Data & AI expertise enables the harnessing of AI for highly customized and refined projects.

BitBang develops Data Science projects in both marketing and manufacturing domains, leveraging specialized skills cultivated in-house since 2013.

“The partnership with Clearbox AI represents a strategic expansion of BitBang’s technological ecosystem towards Artificial Intelligence applied to business, developed with the bespoke approach that has always characterized BitBang’s activities,” asserts Andrea De Marco, CTO of BitBang.

In the words of Shalini Kurapati, CEO of Clearbox AI, “We are thrilled about this partnership, which will combine the distinctive skills of Clearbox AI and BitBang to provide customers with a key to addressing the current challenges of the market. This collaboration is built on customer centrality and the innovative, dynamic approach of both partners; together, we aim to offer comprehensive solutions to guide the decisions of contemporary businesses.”

Synthetic Data has been identified by various entities as the key player for the future of AI: Gartner, and the European Commission’s research center in 2022 already define synthetic data as a “key enabler of artificial intelligence in business and policy applications in Europe.”

It is a decisive solution for building advanced models, such as predictive analytics or digital twins. It becomes possible to augment the initial dataset in quantity and variability, adhering to the characteristics of the company’s actual dataset while avoiding privacy or confidentiality risks.