16 - 06 - 2022

BitBang Trainee Nicola Ronzoni and CTO Andrea De Marco publish research

At the beginning of 2022, Nicola Ronzoni, a master’s student in Statistical Sciences at the University of Bologna, began a research project under the guidance of BitBang Chief Technical Officer Andrea De Marco, entitled “Predictive Maintenance Experiences on Imbalance Data with Bayesian Optimization.”

Seeking to improve machine learning techniques in the context of industrial digital transformation, Ronzoni and De Marco studied the impact of Bayesian optimization upon imbalanced datasets, focusing on creating a versatile pipeline to address both more complex failure types and relatively simpler machine status classifications. Their findings demonstrated good generalization properties in the use cases of manufacturing machine and transmission lines.

Ronzoni presented this research during a poster session at the Workshop on Computing in the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Workshop sul Calcolo nell’I.N.F.N.) in Paestum, winning second place. He will participate in the 22nd International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications from July 4 – 7 at the University of Malaga, Spain. BitBang is delighted to have sponsored this research and extends its congratulations to Nicola on his achievement.

BitBang to sponsor European Business Intelligence & Big Data Summer School in July

BitBang is excited to be sponsoring the Tenth European Business Intelligence & Big Data Summer School (eBISS 2022) in Cesena, Italy from July 4 – 8, 2022. The summer school is a joint initiative between the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree “Big Data Management and Analytics” (BDMA) and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Joint Doctorate “Data Engineering for Data Science” (DEDS). Both programmes are funded by the European Commission. The eBISS program consists of eight talks by accomplished researchers and professionals in the BI & big data fields, focusing on data Integration & data quality, data & information visualization, big data management & query processing, and techniques for data analysis & business analytics. There will also be a poster session and a doctoral colloquium.

BitBanger and Professor: BitBangers teach courses at Bologna Business School

One thing we love more than digital marketing and data analytics is sharing that passion with others. In April and May 2022, CEO and Head of Analytics & Insights Giovanni Lorenzoni and Insights Leader Shuku Bastami taught a course of Digital Analytics composed of students from two master’s programs, one of Digital Marketing and Communication and one on Marketing Management. Heads of Modern BI & Analytics Fabio Fantoni and Marialisa Manuzzi are currently leading a course on Data Visualization for the master’s program in Data Marketing & Analytics.

Nicola Ronzoni, Trainee - BitBang

“It was challenging and rewarding combining academic research and business needs. A special thank you to the colleagues of the Data Science team for their precious advice and to BitBang who deeply believes in research and development activities.”

Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO - BitBang

“One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing bright, young people so excited about a field that I’ve spent my entire career in. I can’t wait to see how they define the direction of digital analytics in the years to come.”

Shukù Bastami, Insights Leader - BitBang

“I had so much fun interacting with our 42 brilliant and curious students, who made it a point to show up to every class!”