16 - 02 - 2023

From Customer Analytics to Artificial Intelligence applied to Internet of Things.

BitBang’s roots are in the digital world and in extracting value from the huge quantity of data amassed by digital technologies: it’s for this reason that BitBang established a team devoted to Data Science to master such advanced techniques.   
Big Data, however, are all but exclusive to the digital environment: every industry needs to manage them and wants to gain business value from them.  

BI-REX is one of the 8 national Competence Centers created by the Italian Ministry of Economical Development in 2018, within the frame of the governmental plan for Industry 4.0. BI-REX has a specialised focus on Big Data and aims at being strategic as well as providing operational support for businesses working towards the digitization of industrial processes according to the Industry 4.0 principles.  

BitBang enters the BI-REX Consortium to grow through collaboration with the advanced industrial businesses of our territory, and to share competencies in managing and valorizing data through innovative technologies: a process that is of technological transfer as well as of collaborative practice and reciprocal enrichment.   

In BI-REX we will focus on IoT: how to turn data generated by production line machinery into value, and how to enable the production and management of connected products, leveraging such new post-sale information to improve customers’ satisfaction and evolve the business.   

With the other consortiates, we will explore the many ways in which Machine Learning – in its many flavours – can serve industries and manufacturers in solving their specific issues – from the most common, such as predictive maintenance, to the most peculiar.   

This is not a new path for us in BitBang: becoming a BI-REX consortiate allows us to further a path started with the Big Data 4 Manufacturing project in 2021-2022, where, after a tight collaboration with the partners, we have been happy to reach very satisfying goals, including an evaluation of economic impact and total cost of ownership: an element that is certainly not to be underestimated when a company evaluates the introduction of such a technological innovation in its plants

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About BI-REX - BitBang

The BI-REX competence centre intends to be a strategic and operational support for companies oriented towards the digitisation of industrial processes in the perspective of Industry 4.0; from design to production, from R&D to Supply Chain, from security to Blockchain.