Con enormi volumi di dati, gestire anche solo una singola fonte di dati può rappresentare una sfida: per portare i dati in una dashboard visiva, i requisiti funzionali chiave devono essere convertiti in codice ETL in modo che i dati siano adeguatamente preparati.

The resulting Modern Business Intelligence dashboard will be able to show high quality and near-real-time data, with each data flow completing within 24 hours to ensure real-time results.

We evaluate different ETL, encoding and ELT options. In one instance we considered three different ETL options, two different encoding options and one ELT graphic UI. From here, we use extensive testing to identify the optimal configuration overall.

We also implement sequential or automatic activation when the input source data is updated, and automated alerts for incomplete data.

Finally we show the resulting data through a visual MBI dashboard.

The advanced features we implement lead to better execution performance for indexes, partitioning and stored procedure.

The data is now reliable and easily accessible.

Real-time data - BitBang

Real-time data

Improved data performance - BitBang

Improved data performance

Higher data quality - BitBang

Higher data quality